Love Story

The story of Jesus/Y’shua is the story of Love. Love came down to become human; Love showed us Love; we killed Love; yet Love rose! Do we need Love? Look around. We need Love more than ever.

Who killed Love? We all did. Rembrandt knew this, and painted himself as one who drove the nails into Love. When we live lies rather than Love; when we hurt the ones we should be loving, or ignore people or groups that Love loves — in a way, we kill Love again. Yet the Resurrection shows how impossible it is to keep Love dead! Praise Love’s Name! Amen.


I Stand with Standing Rock

Last night

at Four Winds in Denver

I became brother
to warriors
holy women
and all who stand against
the Black Snake
named Dakota Access Pipeline
that seeks to destroy
Mni Wiconi
the Water of Life
as it flows through sacred lands
in the river now known as Missouri
on Turtle Island

(Oh, they say this Black Snake
will never leak its dirty oil
but we know Black Snakes always leak
Remember Exxon Valdez
and Deepwater Horizon!)

I stand with the braves
at Standing Rock
in the land now known as North Dakota
on planet Earth
A’ho.  Amen.

On How Nudism Heals Our Hearts

Two men were walking down a street one evening, one a nudist, one a non-nudist or “textile.”  Through an open window, they saw a woman showering.  The textile person, who seldom even saw his wife showering, fantasized about this woman for weeks, imagining how he might convince her to go to bed with him.  But the nudist, accustomed to public showers, only smiled and walked on.

Which one of these two men has committed adultery in his heart?


If Laws Could…

If laws could change behavior

the Ten Commandments would have stopped

  • Idol worship
  • Blasphemy
  • Working on holy days
  • Dishonoring parents
  • Killing
  • Adultery
  • Theft
  • Lying
  • Greed

So why do we seek to change laws

to stop

  • abortion
  • racism
  • sexual harassment
  • excessive campaign spending
  • environmental destruction
  • climate change
  • et cetera
  • et cetera
  • et cetera?

These things will not change

until human nature changes

Change happens first in mind

and heart

I pray




Naked Under Clothes

Under coat and jacket
under cap and scarf
under sweater and jeans
under boots and socks
under shirt and briefs
my body remembers bareness

My hair remembers
     being blown in the wind
My shoulders remember
     no weight of coat or pack
My feet remember
     resting on soil and grass
My loins remember
     freedom from belts
My skin remembers
     the feel of sun, wind and water

So even in deep winter’s chains
I remember freedom
and my flesh rejoices