The Sixties

I missed the Sixties the first time around
The drugs
The free sex
The protests
Silent Spring
Weather Underground
Staying at the YMCA
Doomsday ticking
Tear gas and I Have a Dream

I watched it all from the safe distance
of youth in the Great Plains

But the Sixties are here again
And this time
no distance is safe
This time
Spring may be silent forever

Yet I too have a dream
That we
old and young
will say with a girl on a spectrum
“How Dare You!”
That we
will go back to the land
back from the cliff of extinction
back to The Least of These
back to Our Father Who Art
back to Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

July 7, 2021

You would have been a century young today
You were removed from so much

Moon landings
Civil rights for Black brethren
Space stations and shuttles
Opportunity and Ingenuity on Mars
Quarks and What the #$*!


Kennedys and King killed
Watergate and so many “gates”
9-11 and war for lies
Lies trumping reason
Your craft of science dishonored
Hordes without homes
The Name of Jesus whom you loved hijacked by con men
With a major political party

But we haven’t dropped any more Little Boys or Fat Men
that you helped make
You did that much by signing a letter
while you were here
And united nations listened
Yet we are even less united than we were

I have kept your faith
in Jesus
and Music
And I will keep it

in Eternal time
my sisters and brothers and I will come to you
in whatever world you study
whatever vector you ride
in the Heavens
I’ll be astonished
and delighted
at what you’ll show me
And I think I’ll astonish and delight you too

Does Nudity hold a Key for the Healing of Humanity?

Here is an article by my dear friend, my nude musical colleague, Mber Rose Love.


Does Nudity hold a Key for the Healing of Humanity?

By Mber Rose Love


I’m here to do some, ahem, uncovering, of the whole nudity issue.  Nudity hasn’t been very popular on our planet for a long time, to say the least.  We’ve been conditioned to wear clothing every moment when we are amongst other people.  Even when we are not, we generally won’t spend more than the time it takes to shower without our clothes. Do we think about it? No! That’s just the way it is.


So it seems a little foreign to ask my question: Does nudity hold a key for the healing of humanity? Absolutely, and I will explain.


So to begin, do we, as human beings need healing? I say yes. One of the greatest healings I can see for our culture is a reconnection with nature. Connection with nature brings a sense of peace and well-being. My experience of most people in America today is we are ridiculously busy and stressed.  We as a culture are extremely removed from nature. We don’t grow our food, it arrives at the store, is cut, washed, and in little boxes. Most of us walk and drive on cement or asphalt. Many of us work in tall enclosed buildings, some without windows. When we walk around our favorite parks, to further disconnect us from nature, we do it in rubber soled shoes.


Where does nudity come in? Nudity is the natural state of human beings. When someone can bare it all and is comfortable in their own skin, true freedom is possible.  Freedom from shame, from embarrassment, and from caring what others think. 


If you had freedom from caring what others think, what would be possible for you? A breakthrough in stress? Yes! Having love occur as unconditional? Yes! Being unleashed in your creativity? Yes! The biggest transformation is that the person who is brave enough to bare it all will have a breakthrough in self acceptance. 


The first time I went to a clothing optional spa, I was in my 20s.  I had no idea what to think or what to expect. I wasn’t nervous, but I was concerned that I would be uncomfortable.  When I shed my clothes and was “looked at” for the first time, it occurred to me that this was absolutely normal. I was surprisingly at home. Nobody leered at me, and it didn’t feel like anyone was looking at me. In fact, the feeling I did get was the warm feeling of self-acceptance.


That was more than twenty years ago.  Everyone I have shared this experience with since, who is today a nudist, has had nearly the same experience: the concerns of being seen nude were completely dissolved the second that they were observed, transforming the whole experience to self-acceptance. 


Now, if the whole human race had self-acceptance around themselves and their bodies, that would be quite a healing!


There are those that refuse to accept their own bodies and the human body in general, and they will remain offended by the sight of the unclothed human body. These are the people that you DO NOT want to go to the clothing optional spa with! You will not have that breakthough in self-acceptance I spoke of.  In fact, hanging out with these people will keep you living in doubt and uncertainty.


I want to end this article with a quote that for me says it all. It’s from the bible, from Titus: “To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure, but both their mind and conscience are defiled.” 


You are pure. We are all pure, even those who I just spoke of– they just don’t know it yet! 


I invite you to cause this healing in yourself. You deserve to be in acceptance with yourself and your body, to live free of stress, experience being unconditionally loved, and unleashed in your creativity. 


Look for a nudist group near you or book your next vacation at the nearest clothing optional spa, and start reaping the rewards of coming back to nature!


Peace on Earth?

I looked for peace in news
and found disaster
I looked for peace in people
and found strife

Then I looked to the East
and felt the morning breeze
I looked to the South
and saw the sun’s fire
I looked to the West
and heard rain showers
I looked to the North
and snow touched my cheeks
I looked above
and stars twinkled
I looked below
and the earth caressed my feet

And I looked within
and there was peace
It had never left
It was there all along

Now when others look for peace
I say, Here it is

What Has He Done?

Sometimes I read or hear comments to this effect: “Trump is a President who does things.” This is what the current White House occupant has done: He has empowered racists to crawl out from wherever they had been hiding since about 1965. He has divided families along “political” lines. He and the Republicans in Congress have changed our laws to benefit the wealthiest and take help away from the poorest. He and his advisors have twisted the Bible’s words into justifications for actions Jesus condemned in the strongest terms. It seems likely that, to “win” the 2016 election, he had help from Russian oligarchs. So do not expect this white Christian American man to defend him in any way. Nor can I remain silent any longer in the face of reports that our nation has laid hands on children (sadly, I am aware that we have also done this in the past), taken them from their parents, and lost them in bureaucratic shuffles for which we have not built a remedy.

Our nation is engaging in thuggery. We must stand against it, or we collude with it.

“Here I stand. God help me, I can do nothing else.” –Martin Luther

“We ought to obey God rather than men.” –The Book of Acts

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” –Jesus of Nazareth