If Laws Could…

If laws could change behavior

the Ten Commandments would have stopped

  • Idol worship
  • Blasphemy
  • Working on holy days
  • Dishonoring parents
  • Killing
  • Adultery
  • Theft
  • Lying
  • Greed

So why do we seek to change laws

to stop

  • abortion
  • racism
  • sexual harassment
  • excessive campaign spending
  • environmental destruction
  • climate change
  • et cetera
  • et cetera
  • et cetera?

These things will not change

until human nature changes

Change happens first in mind

and heart

I pray





One thought on “If Laws Could…

  1. Change is the natural state of the universe.
    Without change time would be imperceptible.
    Without change there would be no life, no movement, no light, no sound

    With forethought and planning,
    We can partner change,
    We can shape change.

    We are impatient about change that is slower than we want,
    We fear change that is faster than we want.

    But slow change calls on us to be patient
    And fast change calls on us to be courageous.

    Each of us has only a little power but much passion.

    Focus your passion so that your power pushes change in the directions of your highest aspirations,
    Work where your power can have effect, even if the changes seem to small,
    Concentrate on the direction of change not the size
    Change builds upon itself,
    Allies emerge,
    Although you can see no one else working with you,
    You do not work alone.

    (Adapted from the words of Paul Krafel in Seeing Nature and Octavia Butler in the Parable of the Sower)

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