To my conservative friends who may or may not have voted for Trump: For every position he has taken that aligns with God’s Word, he seems to have taken ten that directly oppose it. For all his promises to “drain the swamp” of crony capitalism, he has invited the swamp monsters into his Cabinet. He exemplifies all of the Seven Deadly Sins. And there is an apparently valid suspicion that the election was influenced in his favor by Russian hackers.

But all this would not have admitted liberals like myself cringing in anxiety. What keeps me afraid is how Trump has emboldened white supremacists, “meninists” and others who traffic in hate and division to stand openly and speak their message plainly, and follow that with destructive action. It’s no coincidence that acts of violence against women and people of color have increased since the first of this year, especially since November 9. Civil war seems neither impossible nor unlikely.

So even though you personally live the Bible, you have allowed one who lives against it to take the highest office in our nation. Worse, you have acquiesced in the terrorizing of minorities of race, religion and sexual orientation. That is why many of us, your friends, have pledged to resist everything our President-elect is likely to do–because he is on track to make a farce of our values, including our Christian values.


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